Main summits of the Sierra Nedada del Cocuy

The Sierra Nevada del Cocuy is mainly built up of Cretaceous (Albian-Aptian) sedimentary quartzitic sandstone bedrock and shales with occasional limestone inclusions. On the western side of the Sierra the exposed dip slopes consist of quartzite with coal occurrences that form the Guaduas (Maestrichtien) and Socha (Paleocene) formations. On the eastern slopes sedimentary rock prevails between 1000 to 5000 m. Mostly these consist of conglomerates and clayey-sandy strata related to Tertiary (Oligocene to Pliocene) river deposits. Plant fossils have been found near Patio Bolos. The northern to northwestern sector of the Cocuy Range is made up of Palaeozoic (Mid Devonian to Permian) sedimentary bed rock.

Main summits of the Sierra Nevada del Cocuy.
table from  ‘Glaciares de Colombia’ (IDEAM, 2012)