The vascular flora of the páramo includes at present (January 2016) 482 vascular species, belonging to 210 genera and the numbers are supposed to be increased with further explorations. The superpáramo accounts for about 175 vascular species belonging to 85 genera. 69 spp belong to the Pteridophyta. The proportion of endemic species is substantial. 


Narrow endemics: Agrostopoa woodii, Aphanactis cocuyensis, Aragoa hammenii, Diplostephium lacunosum, Espeletia cleefii, E. curialensis, E. episcopalis, Festuca cocuyana, Gynoxys paramuna, Pentacalia cacaosensis, P. cleefii, P. guicanensis, Puya cleefii, Hypericum bryoides, H. papillosum, Senecio adglacialis, Senecio supremus.

Other endemics of Sierra Nevada del Cocuy and Páramo de Pisva massif (and other neighbouring páramos of the Cordillera Oriental) and/or Sierra Nevada de Mérida (Venezuela):

Diplostephium colombianum, Draba hammenii, D. litamo, Bejaria tachirensis, Castratella rosea, Libanothamnus tamanus, Festuca cleefiana, Festuca fragilis